.scot domains now available to register

We are pleased to announce that .scot domains are now available to register, a great extension for any Scottish business or individual. You can register yours today for just £27/year plus VAT - find your ideal domain now!

26th May 2020
Announcing new VPS packages

We are pleased to announce a new range of VPS packages. Our virtual private servers are hosted on powerful multi-core Xeon machines, with fast solid state storage (SSDs). KVM virtualisation technology allows for great performance while offering the flexibility to run the exact software you need. Our servers start from just £15/month + VAT where ... Read More »

10th Apr 2018
January 2016 domain price increases

We regret to announce that, as of the 28th January 2016, we will be increasing the prices of some of our domain names. Due to price increases forced upon us by the core domain registrars, our basic domain registration charge will increase to £8/year + VAT, from the current level of £6.95/year + VAT. If you currently pay your hosting in US ... Read More »

6th Jan 2016
Notification of VAT changes - action may be required

Please be aware that, as of 1st March 2015, we will be charging value-added tax on all sales, where applicable.If you are based in the UK, VAT will be added to all sales at the standard rate, currently 20%.If you are based in an EU country other than the UK, but you are not VAT registered, VAT will be added to all sales at the standard rate for ... Read More »

12th Jan 2015
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