Please note that, as part of our regular hardware replacement cycle, we will shortly be moving users from our Yoda server onto a new server. The new server features quad core Xeon processors and 16GB RAM, as well as the latest CentOS 6.x operating system, so you should notice a significant performance boost.

In order to ensure the process happens smoothly, we will be moving accounts over on an individual basis. All content will be copied, including web sites, databases, e-mails, statistics and so on. Note that your site will be given a new IP address in the process. Existing DNS servers will be updated automatically, so you should notice little or no downtime. We will also carry out all transfers at off-peak times, to ensure as little disruption as possible. If you host your own DNS servers and don't use the Zernebok DNS servers, please submit a support ticket and we will advise you of the new IP addresses.

If you have made use of our server hostname "" directly (e.g., in a mail client), you will need to change this to to avoid any disruption. The new server will have a temporary hostname until the old Yoda server is retired completely.

At present, there will be no changes to any of our other shared hosting servers. If you have a VPS or dedicated server with us, this will also not be affected.

If you notice any problems or encounter any difficulty, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2011

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