We would like to inform our shared hosting customers that it is our intention to upgrade to version 5.3.6 of the PHP scripting language. This is likely to take place on or around the 15th August 2011. We currently run PHP 5.2.17, but with PHP 5.4 and then PHP 6 on the horizon, we feel the time has come to upgrade. PHP 5.3 offers many useful new features, such as the new namespace language construct, as well as performance and security updates.

There have been a number of changes and new features in PHP 5.3, and it is possible that some older PHP scripts may break or encounter problems with the new version of PHP. Most major scripts should have been updated over the past couple of years to handle the differences in PHP 5.3. We would strongly recommend that users ensure their scripts are up-to-date.

If you've used Fantastico or Installatron to install scripts in the past, you should be able to use our Installatron application in cPanel to seamlessly upgrade your scripts to the latest version. We do recommend taking a backup first, though, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong. If you have any queries, concerns or problems regarding upgrading old scripts, please submit a support ticket.

Hopefully the upgrade should result in few problems, but we would encourage you to check your scripts are up-to-date before we proceed with the upgrade, to ensure minimal disruption in the event you are running older software.

Please submit a support ticket if you have any concerns or comments about this upgrade.


Owen Rudge
Zernebok Hosting, Ltd.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

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